Montag, 19. Oktober 2015

Tokyo Winter 2014/2015 [Part 5]

It's almost winter again, but today I will finally post the last entry about the trip to Tokyo.
In this post I will mainly write about some general things I noticed while staying in Japan, and to make this post a bit more colourful, you will get to see some random pictures of us :P
Please note: this post includes a lot of generalisations. If I say "the people" I don't mean any single person we saw in Tokyo, I' just talking about the majority.

1.) The famous Japanese politeness
In many countries Japanese people are known to be exrtremely polite (obviously a prejudice, but is it a good or a bad one?)
I have to say, that in contrast to Germany most people there are. The fact that in any large city you don't get stared at as much as in smaller towns aside, people didn't continuously look at as - at least not when we could see them (in Germany people stare at us all the time because of our clothes or hair. Even with black hair).
People don't insult you on the street.
If you don't understand anything, people will talk very slowly (although this doesn't help at all when you don't speak Japanese...).
It's amazing. At least at day. Because when it gets dark suddenly all the creeps and weirdos come out of their holes - which brings me to my next point:

 2.) Catcalling & Harassment
To be honest, in Germany I'm not really used to catcalling, because most creeps just insult my hair colour (which is just as scary, but not as humiliating). When I dye my hair black or brown it definitely gets worse though.
In Japan it usually didn't happen at day, but at night it happened v-e-r-y often that both young and middle-aged men (usually drunk) approached us, sometimes just babbling and making obscene gestures, sometimes even with clear requests ("Let's go to a love hotel" or just "You, me, fuck?").
It was, of course, annoying af - but personally I wasn't really scared of most of them, because if you said "No", they'd just go away - something I rarely experience in Germany.
(of course some not-so-nice things happened as well, e.g. strange men following you to your hotel doesn't seem to be a rare thing).
But, before you get the impression that at night the streets of Tokyo (okay, mainly Ikebukuro) become some kind of catcalling-parade: nightly encounters often lead to awesome chats and acquaintances as well.
 3.) Day vs. Night
I already told you several times that at night the city (or at least Ikebukuro and Shinjuku) seems to become a different place.
The weirdness increases, as does the trash. At daytime we saw almost no one throwing their stuff onto the streets; at night there were gigantic piles of trash everywhere (again, mainly in Ikebukuro/Shinjuku...).
Another thing would be the smoking. While at day most people stick to the law and only smoke in marked smoking areas or inside restaurants, at night nobody cares about that anymore.
And, of course, more drunk people roam the streets. As most people get braver the more they drink, they can suddenly speak English; and they do. A lot. We had the funniest conversations about music, anime, Germany vs Japan, alcohol, Baumkuchen and many other things.

picture with some creep at the train station. He was annoying af
but it's one of the few pictures with other people than just us three.

4.) Plastic
Something I really hated was the extreme amount of plastic you HAD to waste. Even if you just bought a single onigiri at the konbini, they'd give you a plastic bag. Every single product, no matter if it was food, clothing or friggin hairspray was wrapped in at least three layers of plastic.
Some shops would even put additional tape around the bags.
A city that doesn't have public trashcans shouldn't be distributing that much plastic.

5.) Shop assistants
Shopping in Harajuku and Shibuya was amazing, but one thing annoyed me a lot. Nearly every time we entered a store the shop assistants would jump at us and literally start screaming in Japanese (sometimes with some English words spread here and there).
As this didn't happen in every part of the town I suppose it's supposed to be "cute" and they were probably just trying to be helpful but a) we made it quite clear that we don't speak Japanese, and they still wouldn't leave us alone, b) continuously being exposed to extremly high and loud voices wasn't exactly good for our heads and ears and c) when I go shopping I'd like to look at the clothes for some time, and I want to look at them alone. I need my time to decide and sales assistants talking into my ears all the time doesn't really help there.

This is pretty much everything I wanted to tell you about the trip to Tokyo. Of course these posts cannot encompass everything I experienced; there are some things I don't even want to talk about here, but I hope I was able to give you an overview about the travel.
I hope I'll be able to see Japan again soon!

See ya

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Tokyo Winter 2014/2015 [Part 4]

I am amazing, this is my fourth post this year! Does anyone actually still read this blog? I highly doubt it lol
I really should've written down everything about our trip to Tokyo right after we came back, when the memories were still fresh, but I will remember this travel forever, therefore it shouldn't make such a great difference.

One of the most important things for us was, of course, shopping in Harajuku.
When we first arrived in Tokyo I almost cried because I was so happy (and tired haha), and when we came to Harajuku, it was pretty much the same. It took me some time to realise that this place was actually real (this does not sound weaboo-ish at all)

archway of Takeshita Street
Closet Child in Shinjuku and the Lucky Bag Haul aside, I probably bought most of my clothes at ACDCrag. Their stuff is colourful and perfect for Decora, and compared to other brands it's quite affordable (I bought two T-Shirts, a skirt, one pair of harem pants and a sweater).
We went to most known shops like Nadia, PARK Harajuku, Spinns, and of course all the shops in LaForet (Swimmer, Hell Cat Punks, Monomania etc.), but there are many smaller and cheaper shops as well (although not all of them are equally good. A lot of them sold imitations of brands or used prints they stole from the internet without crediting the artists at all).
Although I had saved enough to buy from more expensive brands as well, I ended up buying nothing from most of them cause I'm always scared to spend money lol
Btw, one of my favourite stores was KINJI; it's a gigantic second-hand shop, and despite selling lots of overpriced stuff, it has many cheap but still high-quality stuff as well.

one of the Crêpes-shops - they were sooo delicious

with a shop girl at ACDCrag. I look disgusting. sorry.

I already told you about the Lucky Bag Sales...It was insane.
We arrived in front of LaForet about one hour before the grand opening, but there already were soo many people waiting! Security guards were distributing free drinks (they were disgusting but warm so we drank them anyway) because some people had been waiting since 1 or 2 am. When the doors finally opened I was kinda afraid to be stomped to death at first, but after we had managed to enter the building it got easier to move around - despite the camera team that had asked to follow us around.
I bought lucky bags from Ghost of Harlem, Hell Cat Punks, and Swimmer; the others bought even more. Those people who were filming us were super nice and drove us back to our hotel <3 (I doubt that we woul've been able to go back there in one piece if we had taken the train).
Unfortunately we never saw the TV report haha BUT we were filmed by someone else again the next day...

empty Takeshita Street. It was about 7am and we were on our way to LaForet for the Lucky Bags

In front of LaForet on January 1st

screenshots from the TV report
 The next day we went to Harajuku again with another camera team. I bought a lucky bag at Listen Flavor and another one at some beauty shop. Unfortunately the video was deleted from Youtube :/
We also went to Shibuya109 (I don't remember on which day), where I got 2 lucky bags from GLAVIL by tutuHA.

I won't show you pictures of all the clothes I bought, but as I obviously wear them from time to time you can see some of them on my Instagram ^^

The next post will be the last post about Tokyo. I hope I'll manage to write it before I fly the the next time haha

See ya

Freitag, 17. Juli 2015

Tokyo Winter 2014/2015 [Part 3]

One of the best known districts of Tokyo is probably Shibuya, with the statue of Hachiko, the expensive amazing shopping centre Shibuya109 and the gigantic junction.
We went there two or three times (I am not entirely sure), once just for checking it out, and the second time was for the lucky bags (I will talk about that in the next post)

There is also a big disney store near the train station, with surprisingly cheap merchandise, and some cute Street Fashion shops.
Inside Shibuya109 there a well-known brands such as Swankiss, Liz Lisa, Punyus or Glavil. I didn't buy anything besides the lucky bags, because usually most stores in there are reaaally expensive.

Shibuya Crossing

Akihabara is probably the most important destination for fans of anime, manga or video games. Although other parts of Tokyo such as Ikebukuro have a lot of shops, too, Akihabara is full of them.
We already saw tons of posters advertising anime etc. when were still inside the train, and when you step outside of the station you will probably have to close your eyes a little bit because everything is even brighter than in the other districts (I was so amazed that I fell over a pole which lead to my hip hurting for the rest of the day lol).
Although Akihabara is probably a bit more focused on a "otaku"-audience, casual fans (or just female fans) will love it there as well, especially because of the shops that sell price-reduced figurines.

I might have bought some figures

The next post will be about Harajuku, lucky-bags, us getting filmed and maybe about drunken nights in Ikebukuro. We'll see c: